Unified IoT and 5G Orchestration as a Service

Internet of Things|Fog Computing|MEC - Multi Access Edge Computing|Cloud Computing|5G


End-to-End Orchestration from the Edge to the Cloud: Data Center, Back-office, MEC, Fog Computing and Edge devices


Compatible and interoperable with emerging standards: ETSI MANO, ETSI MEC and OpenFog/IEEE 1934

Open Platform

Orchestration of OpenStack clusters, public and private clouds and container platforms. nZTP across a large selection of white boxes

AI-driven End-to-End Management

Smart Orchestration driven by deterministic or predictive methods

Software-Defined Everything

Networks to resource pools in compute nodes, physical and virtual elements


5G/Comms: V2x / vRAN / MEC
IoT: Cities / Oil & Gas / Utilities / Transportation

Why choose Us

We are an experienced team that has participated in several co-innovation projects with Cisco in the area of unified IoT orchestration.

We inherit the technology that we developed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in the past, and the knowledge that we generated through several projects in the IoT and VNF orchestration domain, in different sectors, including Smart Cities, Oil & Gas and Utilities.

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Our Mission

NearbyComputing aims to provide advanced orchestration services for massive IoT deployments enabling simplified management of very complex scenarios, in which the IT/OT ecosystem can be managed in a simple and transparent way.

ETSI MANO, ETSI MEC, Open Fog Reference Archtiecture (IEEE 1934) and other standardization efforts are taken as the foundation for effective orchestration. Our solutions are based on open architectures and use a commercial-grade orchestration engine to deliver reliable results.

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What you get

We deliver solutions for the convergence of Cloud, Fog, MEC, Edge and Networks, using a unfied orchestration engine that provides advanced security features, nZTP capabilities to onboard new devices, multi-tenancy support and support for cross-domain deployments.

In the past, we participated in an ambitious project with the city of Barcelona to manage street cabinets and emergency vehicles using a unified IoT orchestration fabric.

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End-to-End Orchestration

From the Cloud to the Edge, including the network and all computing capacities

Complex IoT environments cross technology domains, and demand coordinated deployments across the Cloud, DataCenters, Fog/MEC equipment and Edge devices, as well as Network configurations.

Unified Management

Simplified Management of Cloud, MEC, Fog, Edge & Network

Our unique orchestration engine allows the unified management of a mix of technologies: Cloud, MEC, Fog, Edge and Network, and allows that simplified deployment processes can result in extremely complex and ambitious IoT applications.

Physical & Virtual Infrastructure

Covering physical and virtual assets, including VNFs

Today, infrastrucutures are software-defined, including networks, storage and compute nodes. Our orchestration engine can manage all the dimensions of the problem: from SDN controllers, to advanced node composition combining cutting edge acceleration platforms.

AI-driven & Service-Oriented

Services are at the core of the system, and they can be deployed using AI-driven selection criteria

Complex services require advanced deployment strategies: our orchestration engine can be driven either by deterministic parameters (e.g. 'run a component in a given node of the city') but also by advanced AI-based methods (e.g. 'I need an instance of this service to be deployed in the nodes that are closest to the street where more traffic is observed using image recognition methods').

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Meet Our Team

Josep Martí

Josep Martí

Managing Director

Josep is a telecommunication engineer. Previously he has worked as a consultant, as an engineer developing network and infrastructure projects, and he also spent several years in the Public Administration, as public policy analyst and promoter of technological projects in that area.

David Carrera

David Carrera

Chief Scientific Officer

David holds a Ph.D. in Computer Architecture. He is Associate Professor at UPC-BarcelonaTECH as well as the Head of the DataCentric Computing research group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). He led a team of researchers that developed several PoCs in the area of IoT for Cisco.

Oscar Trullols

Oscar Trullols

Chief Technology Officer

Oscar holds a Ph.D. from UPC-BarcelonaTECH in Information Dissemination in Mobile Networks. At the Barcelona Supercomputing Center(BSC) he collaborated as a Postdoc with Cisco to identify and apply leading edge technologies to the field of Fog Computing.

Tom Fenech

Tom Fenech

Front-End Development Lead

Tom holds a Ph.D. in Physics. He joined the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to work as a data analyst and web front-end engineer, and developed the management dashboard that was used in several IoT and Fog Computing projects in the past, covering a range of domains including Smart Cities, Utilities and Oil & Gas.

Sergi Alonso

Sergi Alonso

Virtualization Platforms Lead

Sergi is a computer engineer. After some years as a systems engineer in the Public Administration, he joined the Barcelona Supercomputing Center as a Research Engineer. He has taken part in different IoT and Fog computing innovation projects involving orchestration of virtualized and containerized services.

Álvaro Villalba

Álvaro Villalba

Data-Stream Processing Lead

Álvaro is a former Research Engineer in the DataCentric Computing group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). He participated in multiple IoT related projects, where he developed his skills on the development of efficient Data Stream Analytics.